Important Update #1

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for signing up for the race! As many of you know the Cle Elum Ridge Run is a little different this year. First off I've been handed the Race Direcing responsibilites from Chris and Marty Fagan who had done a fantastic job the past few years continuing the great traditions that Frank Fleetham started back in 1995! So ofcourse I had to tinker with things, I added a 25k, which I feel is a great way to get more folks involved. And the biggest change of all was to the course itself-- the course now spends as much time as possible up high on ridges!

One change however has had to be un-changed and that is the start/finish location. I had hoped to put the start/finish up high also but due to restrictions placed on the use of the proposed area I've decided (very recently) to move back to the place the race has always used, Taneum Junction. This change obviously results in the the reordering of the aid stations, a big change to the 25k course and minor changes to the 50k course. New maps and course descritions for all of these changes will hopefully be up on the "blogsite" very soon (i'm running cascade crest 100 this weekend so it might be a few days). A brief description will hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect:

Both races will start simultaneously at Taneum Junction (elevation 2800ft) and will head west on rd 3300 for approximately 2.1 miles (to spread everyone out before getting on the single track) and then turn left onto trail 1363 (Taneum Ridge Trail--el. 3700ft). All runners will follow this trail up and over Taneum Ridge (high point 5545ft). There will be a water only station at mile 4.7. Upon reaching the first full aid station at mile 9.2 (in the pass between Taneum and Peaches Ridges just past the junction with trail 1367--el. 4900ft) the 25k runners will turnaround and the 50k runners will continue on trail 1363. The 25k runners will follow the 1363 all the way back to Taneum Junction (with the water stop now at mile 13.7) and NOT running on the road as they did on the way out making for a long "25k" of 17.9 miles. The 50k runners will continue on trail 1363 3.0 miles past the aid station and turn right onto trail 1388 (Manastash Ridge Trail--el. 6000ft). From here to Aid Station #2 it's a 7.7 mile "rollercoaster ride" all well above 5000ft (there will be a water only station in middle of this section if road access allows--near mile 15 or 16). From the 2nd Aid Station (el. 5200ft) at mile 19.9 to Aid Station #3 (el. 4800ft) at mile 24.5 there are just a few small climbs but it's still roller coaster like with a low point of 4600ft and a high of 5400ft. From the last full aid station to the finish is almost all downhill (we all know it's never ALL downhill) and there will be a water only station at mile 27.8.

There will be more info and like i said the maps and course description coming to the blogsite real soon, become a "follower" of the blog to make sure you don't miss out on any updates.

I also wanted to send out a big thanks to our sponsors: NUUN, THE BALANCED ATHLETE, CARBBOOM and PATAGONIA.

Thanks again and I can't wait to see you all at the race!
James Varner