Course Info

We are returning to the original course for the 50k which is a loop that starts and finishes at Taneum Junction and uses the 1326 and 1377 trails. The 25k starts and finishes it's loop the same way and from the same place but takes a short cut by running down the Forest Service Road (dirt) 114. To adjust for the needs of the 25k runners the aid station and water only stations will be in new locations-- and there will now be three full aid stations for the 50k and 2 for the 25k. The 50k will also have three water only stations and the 25k will have one.

mi 7.4 Aid Station A
mi 11.7 Water Only
mi 15.2 Aid Station B
mi 20.1 Water Only
mi 24.5 Aid Station C
mi 29.5 Water Only
mi 30.9 Finish

mi 5.5 Aid Station A
mi 10.6 Aid Station C
mi 15.6 Water Only
mi 17.0 Finish

(coming soon) See Course Descriptions for detailed running instructions

50k Profile (click to enlarge image)

25k profile (click to enlarge)

Course Map--50k in red; 25k in yellow (click to enlarge image)