Drop Bags

Please read all info below if you are going to do drop bags!!!!
From www.slowtwitchjournal.com
mi 7.6 Aid Station #1, DROP BAGS for 25k & 50k**
mi 12.5 Aid Station #2
mi 19 Aid Station #3, WATER ONLY
mi 23 Aid Station #4, DROP BAGS for 50k only**
mi 31 Finish

mi 7.6 Ridge Aid, DROP BAGS (must be at the start line by 7:15 AM sharp!!!)**
mi 9.6 Taneum Creek Aid
mi 17.6 Finish

Drop bags should be no larger than a shoe box.  Please put duct tape with your name, bib #, and the aid station your leaving it at on the bag.  No, you don't need drop bags but some people are particular about what they eat/drink, or they want some extra clothes on the course. Please note that you are responsible to remember to pick up your drop bag from the finish line after the race. May I suggest you set an alarm on your phone so you remember yours? We do not send drop bags if you leave them, they are donated to a local charity or thrown away depending on how gross they are.  Drop bags must be brought to the start of the race by a certain time, see the times listed below so you know when to get your bags to the start/finish.  If you bring them after the time listed below, we cannot bring them to the aid for you.  You may not be able to pick up the drop bags until the aid station is closed, so be prepared to wait or drive to the aid to get it.

AID #1, mile 7.6 for 50k, mi 7.6 for 25k: drop bags must be left at the start/finish by 7:15am (Aid closes around Noon, back to the finish line by 1pm)

AID #4 for 50k only: drop bags must be at the start/finish by 7:15am (Aid Station closes at 2pm, should be at the finish line by 5PM)