Course Descriptions/Aid/Maps

Brief Description of Courses/Aid
The race courses is a loop that starts and finishes at Taneum Junction and uses the 1326 and 1377 trails. The 25k starts and finishes it's loop the same way and from the same place but takes a short cut by running down the Forest Service Road (dirt) 114. The aid stations are spaced apart a bit, so please plan ahead and make sure you bring enough food/water. We recommend carrying 40+ oz or more!  For the 50k you'll begin by going 7.6 miles to the first aid.  Aid #2 is at mile 12.5, then there's a pretty big gap between full aid stations: 10.5 miles. There is a water only station during that gap at mile 19. For the 25k, we have 2 aid stations that you share with the 50k, one at mile 7.6 and one at mile 9.6.  Please be prepared to run 8 miles after the last aid station to the finish. We will have lots of food and drink at the finish line! SCROLL DOWN for revised maps/Aid Stations (as of 9/21/18).

What's at the Aid Stations
We will have GU gels, candy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, potato chips, S-Caps Electrolytes, soda, and cookies. There will also be plain water and water with GU Brew at all the aid stations.  Aid station labeled "water only" will only have water.  

mi 7.6 Aid Station #1
mi 12.5 Aid Station #2
mi 19 Aid Station #3, WATER ONLY
mi 23 Aid Station #4
mi 31 Finish
*We took out the first 2 mile out and back to make the course exactly 31 miles for 2018. This was also how the course has been run the last 3 years)

mi 7.6 Ridge Aid
mi 9.6 Taneum Creek Aid
mi 17.6 Finish

Cutoff Time: 4:30 pm (9.5 hours).
50k Aid Station Cutoffs:
Aid Station 2, mile 14.5: 11:30pm, 4.5 hrs
Aid Station 4, mile 25: 2pm, 7 hrs

25k Aid Station Cutoffs:
Taneum Creek Aid, mile 9.6: 3pm

50k Profile (click to enlarge image)

25k profile (click to enlarge)

25k Course Map with Aid Stations (Click to enlarge) revised 9/21/18

50k Course Map with Aid Stations (click to enlarge) revised 9/21/18