Pre-Race Briefing

Some things to keep in mind for the race::

Aid Stations are spaced apart enough that you will want to carry plenty of water, food, and extra clothes. It can get cold on the ridge trail, especially if it's raining. Please study the maps ahead of time so that you know where to expect aid. We recommend that you carry a minimum of 2 (20oz) water bottles.  The 50k has a 10 mile section with a "water only aid station" 7 miles into it.  That means that you'll need to carry enough food to go 10 miles, and enough water to go 7 miles on that section (from Aid #2 at mile 13 to Aid 3 (water only mile 20), to Aid #4 mile 23). Please read our page on AID STATIONS for more info. 

You are responsible to know the course. There is always the possibility that someone or something might remove race markings.  Knowing the course ahead of time and/or bringing a course map with you is key. The course is on Green Trails maps #240 (Easton, WA) and #241 (Cle Elum, WA). You can purchase Green Trails Maps online or at REI.  You can get the route from our maps HERE

The course is marked in pink ribbons and arrow signs. On occasion there are signs that instruct the 25k to do one thing and the 50k to do another. Please read all signs carefully so as to not go the wrong way!

You should see pink ribbons every 1/2 mile on the entire course. If you don't see them every 1/2 mile you are probably off course. Retrace your steps and get back on course. Sections of the course with fewer turns are marked less.  

We share the trails with other users, please be kind and courteous to them.

Please drop trash ONLY in trash receptacles.  As a good steward of the trail, we EXPECT you to pick up trash that you see on the trail.  Someone has most likely accidentally dropped it and you will get mega bonus karma for helping keep the trails clean.

The 50k starts at 8am on Road 33 just outside of Taneum Junction Campground
The 25k starts at 9am on Road 33 just outside of Taneum Junction Campground

Finish of both races is in the campground (follow the signs)

We'll have a post race party with a BBQ, beer, and other great food and drinks. Volunteers & family eat for free. 

If you need to drop from the race, you MUST tell a race official. We keep track of each one of you and if someone goes "missing" in their backyard with their margarita we're going be out on the trail looking for you. Not cool. You'll owe us 2 margaritas for that.

Please be kind and thank our volunteers when you get the opportunity. They have given up their weekend to help you have a great race!